Mite Monitor

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The project Mite Monitor - Measure and Manage was a 1-year pilot project on the value of centralised collection of mite monitoring data. It was initiated by a group of beekeepers in Mid-Canterbury interested in the potential of sharing their mite monitoring information for better outcomes for the entire region.

The project ran from 2020 to 2021, and was aimed at understanding what would be required to establish a national mite monitoring system that benefits New Zealand beekeepers by ensuring healthier, more productive hives and lower colony losses due to mite infestation. Mite Monitor was funded by AgMARDT and run by AbacusBio consultants under the umbrella of FutureBees NZ.

Project outcomes

  • Uniform mite monitoring protocols and sampling schedules across the region
  • A preliminary mite growth model for individual hives was developed, which allows beekeepers to evaluate the impact of different treatment options on future mite numbers
  • A preliminary regional mite infestation map showing infestation rates at different times of the year

A follow-up project for Mite Monitor is currently in development.