How to become involved in a FutureBees Project


The idea for FutureBees NZ was originally formed to guarantee path to market for the outputs of the genetic improvement project “Selecting Future Bees”, but over the years of being involved with the beekeeping industry, we realised that there was a need to provide a neutral platform for collaborative development of research proposals.

Maintaining neutrality means that while we might have opinions and knowledge on aspects of proposed projects, we do not assume that we can tackle any of the things that are needed by the beekeeping industry on our own. FutureBees NZ seeks to collaborate with experienced science providers such as universities and Crown Research Institutes like Plant & Food Research, as well as both beekeepers and affiliated industries.

Whether you are a beekeeper who would like to see a certain area of bee biology or beekeeping systems explored, a researcher who wants to ground their ideas in practical beekeeping, or a supplier seeking to validate or develop a project, we will work hard to connect you with the right people to bring your idea forward.