Overcoming Barriers to Entry


Like many agricultural production systems, expertise and know-how are a strong barrier to entry for the cultivation of honeybees. FutureBees NZ can help you to develop accessible tactics, techniques and educational materials that can be used to develop a beekeeping business in any part of the world. We combine this know-how with a focus on the appropriate beekeeping business strategies for your region, climate and environment. 

By considering this environmental context, we can help our clients and community members better understand their points of difference in local and global markets. From considering niche monofloral honeys to genetic improvement / sustainability programs to create stand-out competitiveness in global markets for bee products and pollination services, FutureBees can help you develop a strategy.

Beekeeping can be much more valuable to a region than just the value of marketed honey, a vibrant pollination service ecosystem can invigorate horticultural productivity and rural communities can be transformed by creating connection with the local environment and creating and improving income streams.

We at FutureBees NZ stand ready to help you get started, whether you’ve started already or are just in planning stages, we bring world-leading capability and knowledge to developing a growing and vibrant beekeeping ecosystem in your region.